Saturday, September 12, 2009

Decades Party

We had tons of fun Friday night! Everyone came dressed up, which was great! We had representation from a number of decades including the current one. :) We did miss all of you who couldn't make it though.

We started out the evening eating Ice Cream, as that was popular in any decade. Talked a little bit about the decades and our memories. Then it was time for the Music Videos! We broke into two groups, picked out some music, planed our skits, and preformed! It was tons of fun and everyone had a great time dressing up in some awesome costumes. I was very impressed with the creativity of the outfits. Here are the results, enjoy!

I can't get blogger to upload the videos right now. I'll keep trying but for now you can click these links to see them:

Can you tell who is who? Some are easy and some are hard. Let's have some fun! Leave a comment trying to name everyone in each video and we'll see who knows their sisters. If you don't know everyone that well, no worries, just try your best.

~ Catherine Park

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